Has become standard practice, to back up an appointment, on January 15 Lunar, relatives of people of the nations gathered to commune of Nam Loong, Lai Chau town to have fun opportunity Buckets crap father. This is the festival of ethnic Hmong are the most popular and most desired.

According to the legend of the Thai people in Muong - Phong Tho, Lai Chau, the Han She is the heavenly home, was sent down to earth born as a daughter of a poor family. At that time, Muong always been the enemy of the North invaded, her pulse military rulers against the enemy, victory, liberation Muong So. After defeating the enemy, she returned to heaven. God made the land for the shrine in the ruins of her home, which has battered the country Shrine besides showering before she ascended to Heaven.

If you have the opportunity to visit the Nung in Tam Duong - Lai Chau and enjoy a meal with the traditional dishes of ethnic Nung, surely there will be food "stitched flesh", one of the delicious dishes most can not forget that when you return.

Thais in general and northwestern Lai Chau culture in particular has a very distinctive cuisine. It may be a bitter bamboo dishes, meat hanging upstairs kitchen, grilled fish streams ... But there are a few dishes well known, not because it is less good, but because of the unique properties due to limited quantities and time preserving its short, there is food, "mossy stone".

Lai Chau hinterland first country with 20 ethnic groups living together, such as Thai, Tay, Nung, Lu, Arrays, Resistance, Business ... This has brought the Lai Chau diversity culture, thus to this land, you do not just get immersed in the spectacular natural scenery, but also to be immersed in the cultural activities unique diversity of peoples and a special is to enjoy the special dishes are featured cuisine features not found in any public lands. It is pungent aroma of the wine cup Page Mongolia, fragrant smell of dried meat hanging upstairs kitchen, the crispy pieces of bamboo salad, fresh colors of raspberry five colors, flavors of salad vegetables Ron strange feeling or something feeling soft but chewy chewy dish of grilled stone moss ...

The bitter taste it, eat at once is remembered. The bitterness that, starting where the tongue and then move into the sweet taste pervades the mouth. The bitter taste that is characteristic of the dish bitter bamboo shoots, a produce of the northwestern mountains.

If you have visited Muong So - Phong Tho - Lai Chau, without taste Pa pinh top or fish is grilled spring is indeed a shortcoming.

When you first hear the name "Pigs steal armpits", the plains will make many people do not understand, but the people of the Northwest, especially for the Lai Chau knew it was named a special category created incense you can not forget the characteristics who had once enjoyed.

Buffalo meat is hung kitchen specialty dishes Northwest. This dish is usually made from the muscle of the ox grazing in the mountains and hills. Dried buffalo meat has arrived, not hard, eat intact sweetness of fresh meat. Each bar is a special spicy flavor duet, chilli, seeds with compliment .... Dried buffalo meat in Lai Chau will contribute to your family feel special taste of northwestern mountains.

Fair Dao San meeting on Thursday and Sunday in the town center atolls, Phong Tho district. This is a typical highland markets, typical of Lai Chau and the Northwest.

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