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( Has become standard practice, to back up an appointment, on January 15 Lunar, relatives of people of the nations gathered to commune of Nam Loong, Lai Chau town to have fun opportunity Buckets crap father. This is the festival of ethnic Hmong are the most popular and most desired.

Festival Gàu tào cha means playing mountain spring, mountain sacrificial purposes, satyrs, thank the gods, heaven and earth cover back, bless people, while expressing desire happiness and prosperity prayer new year good weather, lush vegetation, abundant crops, human health, showing the heart of the children to remember the source.

Not only that crap Dandruff father was a useful playground, an opportunity for relatives of people young and old to meet the council here, boys, girls with praise dance, dance umbrella, exchanges culture, arts, sports competitions, games your folk talent, their skills, then choose the best, most talented, who I love, who I love to catch on, pull on work mate.

Mr. Giang A Tua, the Chairman Nam Loong said: "The festival Dandruff tào father contributed to preserve and promote the cultural identity availability of ethnic Hmong, and contribute to improving the cultural life the spirit of the people of the nation, the people enthusiastically encourage competition and help each other in productive labor, poverty reduction actively building new cultural life, contributing to the successful implementation of all political tasks, economic development - culture - in local society. "

Like every year, the festival Dandruff crap dad always consists of two main parts is the ceremony and feedback.

At the ceremony, but each year sorcerer might be different but who are the representatives of the people in communal worship and reading to invoke all the people in the village that work away from the focus on land mother for food festival, and expressed a wish to ask the protection of the gods to help families, villages abundant health, expect good weather, abundant crops, trees, lush, healthy children strong, solid academic Wanderer, thriving, "raising buffalo, horses, pigs prolific child, hens eggs" ... After finishing ritual, shaman and offer your gift to the mountain god, god forest.

Start feedback, many peoples of entertainment, contests, games, useful, interesting, colorful Indian culture among the Hmong are organized as attendant wheeled shoes, prison lu, tug, push rod , climbing poles, swings, walking on stilts, jumping in sacks, bullfighting ...

Here are some photos of the festival:

Of entertainment welcome pupils in the commune

Games climb column attracted a large number of

Throw pounds are many boys, girls who love Mongolia

With quick, deft team wheeled shoes pounding the swelling has won the most

Push rod exam is tough

Tu lu's game

Sack dance

Thi walking on stilts is the new game this year's festival

game very fierce tug

he joy of her children to see Congress

Bullfighting competition attracted thousands of people to see

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